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Please rinse beach chairs before putting them away in closet. 

Turn off all the lights. Turn off all fans. 

Wash all bedding sheets/towels - leave ready for next guest (The Cleaning Service Doesn't do the beds or wany washing).

Make sure not to leave anything in the washer (leave lid open) or in the dryer.  

Pull the window treatments ½ way down the room darkening and the front one all the way down.  

Bring the patio cushions inside. 

Please water the plants before you leave. 

Take all the trash out. Trash shoot to the left of the elevator 

Clean up any dirty dishes and put them away. Leave dishwasher ½ open. 

Get rid of all perishable items.  

Make sure golf carts are locked, covered and keys are left in key box lock. 

Car keys, shed keys and golf cart keys are all in the key box. 

PLEASE make sure to leave A/C unit in the front bedroom and Master Bedroom OFF, the entry, the living room leave temperature set at 78* 

Leave all doors open inside the apartment, minus the closets. 


​​Hope you have enjoyed our happy place! 

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