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  1. WiFi in all rooms, passcode is listed on the wall near kitchen

  2. Full Kitchen

  3. 2 Full Baths 

  4. Full New Washer and Dryer 

  5. Cable TV in all rooms.

  6. On Site guest computer.

  7. Printer/Coper/Scanner which is located inside the blue cabinet in the hallway.

  8. X Box 360 and Play Station 5 in the Guest room.

  9. Bose Music System (Bluetooth Connection)

  10. Individual Room Temperature Control.

  11. 3 Pools with kids only pool

  12. Beach Front Access

Panoramic views of the golf course to the sea and palm trees. Portugal, Algarve..jpg

Resort Amenities

  1. Fitness Center is open to the the public with the purchase of either a day pass ($25.00) week pass ($75.00) and monthly ($125.00) these are per Person. Link to Fitness Center

  2. Golf courses are also available with Tee times, there are two onsite Courses. They are CLOSED on Sundays. Link to Golf Center.

  3. Beach Club is a members only park, Guest  can eat there when open but cannot enter the pool area without a wrist band which has to be requested ahead of time and there is a cost of ($18.00) per person and Limited to 4 total guest. It CANNOT be used on weekends as a guest Link to Beach Club.

  4. ATM Bank O Popular is located at the street level with outside ATM and inside services.

  5. Equestrian Center with horse back riding tours. Link to Equestrian Center.

  6. Palmas Market is located in the Plaza, This market has almost everything you could need and more. They have full beer, wine and alcohol. Drinking age in Puerto Rico is 18

Golf Balls

Amenities Outside Palmas

 Planet fitness is located outside about 20 mins away. Link to Planet Fitness

Movie theater is located in the same plaza as planet fitness. Please be alert to that the movie is in English and not Spanish .Link to Movie Theater Showing.

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