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Gold Carts

We have two golf carts below with the registration number listed on them

Please take time to read below.

  1. YOU MUST BE 16 yrs of age to drive them within Palmas Del Mar and is strictly enforced by the Rangers. 

  2. Remove Cart Cover and store safely, You can put them in the storage locker #103 (key in key box)

  3. GAS gauges don't work often or aren't very accurate and should be checked on your arrival. Check the Gas level on the 4 Passenger by lifting the front seat towards the steering wheel you will see the plastic gas tank and it's level. To check the 6 Pass lift the back seat towards the front seat and the gas tank is there as well.

  4. Refueling them prior to your departure this can be done by driving them down to the main entrance to the marina, this is located across from the Cart rental location and just on the left before you enter La Pescederia. If they are closed there is a gas can in the storage locker #103 (key in Key Box). there is a Texaco gas station outside of Palmas.

  5. Please drive on the cart paths only and don't speed. The only exception are areas which don't have them and those are generally near the marina.

  6. There are designated parking spots for Carts please park in them and not in the Vehicle spots

  7. Please apply the steering wheel lock when not be driven this will prevent you from being victim of the kids moving it for you. The cart ignition keys are all the same here.

  8. Driver Safety is taken serious in Palmas Del Mar. There have been sever and fatal accidents involving golf carts. 

  9. Prior to departure please double check gas is full, Lock the steering wheel and re-install the covers and put keys back in key box

  10. In the event that you have a problem with the cart and need service please call Carts Pro at 1-787-285-7081 The service department is located here in Palmas and can tow it if needed. if they are not open just push it off the cart path and lock it and retry the next morning. Here is the link to there website Carts Pro

4 PASS.jpg

4 Passenger #1175

6 PASS.jpg

6 Passenger #1170

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